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This morning was a bit of a write-off. I woke up in so much pain, I couldn’t move.

I kept trying to get up, but after a while, I realised there was nothing to be done: I was paying for yesterday’s exertions getting to London. I’m usually floored for a day or two afterwards. Maybe I should just rest a bit, I thought.

Here’s my E4 data for the day, which I didnt look at until 4.40pmish. Nothing much happening for most of the morning really, although the EDA is a bit high. You can’t take much notice of most of the smooth heart rate data, as it is influenced by movement artefacts. I haven’t figured out what the zip file download does with this as yet.


At about noon, I started researching solutions to a medtech application in bed and was happy enough – if tired – to take a PJ Brussels selfie with my phone at 15.03.

But I ought to have remembered that Brussels tends to sit right on top of me shortly before I get ill.

A couple of hours later, I felt quite peculiar and experienced the “chunk/altered level” sensation that I used to get a few moments before getting the jerky movements. I always attributed the jerks to either SSRIs or spinal myoclonus. Dr R thinks they are dissociative. But strangely, although I felt really odd, this time I didn’t get the jerks.

I concentrated to press the E4 red button and thought, hey my face feels a bit weird. Perhaps because I had been taking selfies and had my phone close by, I tried to look in the camera to see if my face was lopsided again (it has been showing up a bit lopsided in selfies when I am really not very well).

I couldn’t quite work out whether it was or not. Was my mouth a bit lopsided?

That gave me the idea to take a video (15.06). It took four attempts to start recording because I wasn’t quite with it, and looking at it now, I see I spend rather a long time turning the camera, looking at my mouth which seems lopsided.


The second picture is from 13 October, 7.08pm. Yes, I look dreadful. The pain had been excruciating for days.

Counting to 10 was a bit slow, and I stumbled with the alphabet for a bit before getting back to normal functioning at M. There’s lots of frowning after that, but that’s not struggling, that’s me mentally trying to compare my current performance with what came before. Looking at the recording, which is only 2 minutes long, it seems to me that ‘one, three, b, f, and g’ are slightly off. Which probably takes me up to 12.07 ish.

Looking at the E4 data above, which is a bit unusual – apart from the EDA being slightly elevated (not really though), is that although there is a fair bit of movement during this period- as I am taking selfies and fumbling with my phone – the heart rate is lower rather than higher. Normally it jumps about at the high end when I am moving. But maybe thats just what artefacts do when I am in bed. Garbage in, garbage out.

Looking at it in closer detail, I am not so sure.

Normal looks different. This is the sort of BVP trace that I’d expect: relatively uniform but with some artefact-related BVP variations:

And yet this is what is happening when I felt peculiar. The aberration only lasts between 5 or 10 seconds.

I wonder what this is. But it during this period that I feel strange, and immediately after this that my face feels lopsided and I have more difficulty speaking than usual.

I have a look at the rest of the morning. The EDA trace is a signpost to look closer at the data.

There’s a peak of 4.9 at 11.54. Not much there. A little reduced amplitude wobbling. Meh.

But this, at 14.44. BVP amplitude 77 – and again, it is not corresponding to a movement artefact, and it is preceded/followed by lots of wobbly changes in the EDA.

No clear idea of what this means. I wonder if the temperature at 12.40 was accurate?

Worked too long on the medtech stuff in the evening. I tend to focus on things quite deeply and have difficulty stopping something once I start it.

No clear conclusions then. I’m more interested in the temporal lobe seizure I caught some days ago. Unusually, I had one just as I was falling asleep.

But now it is way too late and I just had trouble spelling ‘unusual’. Which means I really should go to bed!



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