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Get help at the press of a button

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When paired with your smartphone, this bluetooth device can be set up to send an SMS distress message to your friends and family. All you do is press the big, friendly button on its face.

There is no subscription to access the service, apart from a few pence to cover the cost of the text messages via Twilio.

The device- which sends your location along with the distress message- is worn like a watch but does not tell the time.

If you have a long enough aura before a seizure, for example, you might press the watch face to let your family know you are going to be unwell. Because it sends the geolocation information automatically, they will know where to find you, even if you can’t talk or reach for your phone.

Watchstraps in green, blue and orange. No metal.

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1 review for Get help at the press of a button

  1. 5 out of 5


    With this gadget, you can get help at the press of a button.

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